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Rocket7 Custom Cycling Shoes is the leader in custom cycling footwear.  All our shoes are 100% handmade in the USA and have been chosen by many top athletes around the world, including Olympic Gold Medalists Greg Van Avermaet, Jorrit Bergsma and Sven Kramer.  Some of our customers are also world champions, including Tom Boonen, Linda Villumsen, Joey Mantia, Brittany Bowe and Heather Richardson. 

Arguably the most important contact point of your bike are your shoes.  With our full custom shoes, we begin by making exact duplicates of your feet from a plaster cast. The resulting mold allows us to construct a sole with the highest grade carbon fiber that is contoured specifically to your feet.  We also integrate your cleat mounts into our shoes exactly the way you want them.  This gives our riders an extremely low stack height to give you the most direct contact with your machine.  Full custom shoes drastically reduce power loss when putting watts into your bike.  With a full carbon shell wrapping around your heel like a glove, you will generate additional power on your upstroke with no wasted energy. 

Rocket7's are arguably the lightest, stiffest and most comfortable cycling shoes in the world (*145 grams for a size 42 with our Lace-Up shoe and our ULTRALITE CARBON*).  We integrate an innovative shock dampening system into each of our shoes that allows us to add additional carbon fiber to stiffen up the shoe while keeping them comfortable on longer rides.

We can sit here and tell you how great our shoes are but, the real question boils down to:


"Do I need custom cycling shoes?"

Do you have different size feet?  Wide / narrow feet?  Hot spots?  Want a custom cleat mount or want a shoe with a specific Speedplay cleat mount directly to the shoe? Do you have any medical issues that need special accommodation? Or want a "one of a kind" custom shoe that you can put your name on?  At Rocket7, our main focus is fitting our clients with shoes that are lightweight, functional and beautiful. 

It's no wonder why Rocket7 customers are lifelong customers.

Have a question or ready to order?  Contact us and we'll walk you through the entire ordering/fitting process to ensure everything is done correctly.  (305) 331-8860.


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Getting a full custom shoe?  Check out our video on "How to Mold Your Feet". 

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