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If you're looking to get molded for a full custom pair of Rocket7's and you can't come out to our shop in Colorado, then you may want to keep an eye out for the molding appointments we organize at various cities in the U.S. We understand it's much more efficient for us to visit areas with a high number of client inquiries and mold a group at a time. Usually, demand from 4-5 clients make a mold trip worth our while so we travel to those regions accordingly.

A molding will run you $250 up front as a deposit on your $1450 shoes leaving you with a $1200 remaining balance post-molding. During the molding appointment, you will fill out a customer order form and design template which gives us a general picture of your needs and wants for the shoes. A few days before we start building your shoes you will receive the $1200 invoice which includes a description of the shoe design so you can double check and make sure we got everything right. Once paid, your shoes go straight into the fabrication process. FROM MOLDING TO SHOES IN HAND IS *ABOUT* 4 MONTHS. Remember, fully custom shoes means no two pairs are the same. It takes time and effort to precisely accommodate each person and when we have a decent amount of orders, things get hairy. We just ask you to be patient with us and we'll promise excellent customer service.

Why Greg Van Avermaet wears Rocket7 shoes...

Greg Van Avermaet, or (GVA) doesn't just choose Rocket7 shoes, he can't ride without them!  Greg first came to us through Eric Heiden (5 x Olympic Gold Medalist) and Max Testa (famous cycling doctor and coach) with some major issues with his heels.  At certain points in the season, his heels were in such bad shape, he would need to cut the heels off his shoes and tape his feet directly to the soles just so he could ride and race.  Rocket7 has helped him on the road to recovery with making the adjustments needed to his lasts (molds of his feet) to extend out the carbon and space needed so he can ride again pain free.  Greg has worn the yellow jersey for a total of 11 days and has he won many classics including the Paris Rubaix, Gent-Wevelgem, E3 Harelbeke, GP de Montreal, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Paris Tours and also won Olympic Gold in the 2016 Road Race in Rio.

Getting molded is a quick process and takes about 20'-30' to complete from start to finish.  We do travel from time to time to bike shops and events and this is a perfect time to check out products, ask questions, see if custom shoes are right for you and get molded.  To ask a question or schedule an appointment at one of our events, please click here...

If you are ready to schedule a fitting in any city below, place your deposit and we will contact you to schedule a time and place for you to be molded.  As soon as we know our hotel, event or address where we will be molding, we will contact you directly and post it below.

For a fitting or additional information, contact


(305) 331-8860