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Molding your feet properly is the most important step when it comes to your custom cycling shoes.  If you order a molding kit for a full custom mold, it is mandatory to mold yourself while on a Facetime call with the owner, KC. He will guide whoever it is that is molding you at home so that we get what we need from the plaster molding cast. It's not complicated  but we do need to have some oversight during the 15-20 min process. Watch the first video on this page to get acquainted with the steps required.


With so many different molding techniques out there, we understand that certain feet need special attention so please call 305 331 8860 if you have any questions understanding why we mold our feet the way we do.​  We do travel from time to time and mold people on the road. If you wish to remain updated on our whereabouts, simply subscribe to our email list which pops up on the home page after a few seconds. Our correspondence is few and far between. We don't speak Spamish.



Video of how to mold your feet for Full Custom Rocket7 Custom Cycling Shoes

At 6:40, the section on how to trace your feet starts.

Video of how to walk through our foam box for ​your custom cycling shoes.

After you have completed the foam molding process, please place tissue paper "inside the footbed" but not too much to crush your molds.  This will insure that we receive your molds in one piece.